Striking Note Records is a boutique indie record label driven by the goal to make music that feeds both the mind and soul—and the philosophy that organic, emotional, acoustic-based music is timeless.

Writer-Producer Mark Hauptschein on Stratocaster

Mark Hauptschein

On the heels of a successful business-building career, which included being the founding employee and CEO of MLive.com, Striking Note Records founder Mark Hauptschein applied his management chops to start the label and pursue a life-long passion for songwriting and producing music. Based in Ann Arbor Michigan, but working with musicians from Nashville to Chicago, Mark knows the true power of collaboration in creating things from scratch and in making creative decisions. Striking Note’s debut album, Another Good Mistake by artist Camila Ballario, is a shining example of what this label exists to do.

Originally hired to sing backgrounds, Mark was so struck with Camila’s talent he immediately offered her a record deal. Often compared to the likes of Norah Jones, Brandi Carlile and Sara Bareilles, she has a beautifully expressive tone and spot-on pitch. With a degree in voice from the University of Michigan and a passion to sing the kind of music that Mark wanted to make, Cami was a perfect fit to become Striking Note’s premier artist. Many of the songs on this debut were written specifically for her and she was intimately involved in the creative vision: Americana-flavored music peppered with provocative lyrics that stir emotions while challenging you to stop and think.

Vintage Analog Console

Striking Note’s Board of Directors

On Another Good Mistake you’ll hear beautiful ballads, funk infused rhythms and driving rock tunes—all created with an ever-present collaborative spirit. Along with Mark’s guitar, keyboard and drum work, a host of other musicians contributed to this unique blend of styles with instruments ranging from mandolin and accordion, to dobro, hammond organ and brass. Chicago-based producer Rich Rankin was brought in to lend a hand with production decisions, play additional instruments and contribute arrangement ideas. Striking Note Records is proud to share it’s first release with the world. Enjoy.

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