Watch Out for the Killer Ghost!

Mark Hauptschein’s funky rocker “Killer Ghost” pops to life in Paul William Brennan’s video that lightens the darkness of the Covid pandemic in a manic portrayal of fear and isolation.
In typical tortured-artist fashion, the video was shot and edited under pandemic-friendly (and fear and isolation-friendly) conditions, shot almost entirely in Brennan’s studio apartment, cluttered with lights, props, and Brennan’s sweat, giving credibility to the curled-lip performance he begrudgingly offered himself to keep the video quarantine-friendly.

The video was also made possible through Labyrinth Arts Collective’s Diane Hamm, whose costumes, props, and equipment provided the chaotic madhouse needed to make the video presentable.

The music was composed by Mark Hauptschein and the lyrics was a team effort with his brother David,whose stop-motion animation, Fecundation, also features in the video. The short film was made in 1981, making this video a near-40-year collaboration (You can see the short in its entirety here).

Visual by Paul Brennan and Leonardo Da Vinci

Special thanks also to Marcos Baca, Brian Beeler, Marlana Carlson, Paul Carr, John Klingle, Krzystof Piotrowski, Dennis Sagel, Tonika Todorova, Marty Walker, Prop Thtr


Directed by Paul William Brennan

Additional footage courtesy of David Hauptschein (Fecundation), Andrew Dyer (Stars animation), and Kelly Lacy (soccer field footage)

Music by Mark Hauptschein, Lyrics by Mark and David Hauptschein

Vocal – Mark Hauptschein
Background Vocals – Beverly Gibson, Beth Rankin, Rich Rankin, Mark Hauptschein (arrangement Rich Rankin)
Electric Guitar – Mark Hauptschein
Bass Guitar – Mark Hauptschein
Organ – Rich Rankin
Drums – Tom Hipskind

Produced by Mark Hauptschein
© 2020 Mark and David Hauptschein


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