What Kind of Music is it?

Welcome! You’ve arrived at Striking Note’s first post about our first release, Camila Ballario’s Another Good Mistake. We are thrilled to introduce such a breathtaking new artist.

The first question everyone asks is “what kind of music is it?” Well, it’s a combination of things.

On Stage at Leon Loft

Camila Ballario

Most of us like to categorize music. It helps us organize our playlists/collections and find radio stations, streams, videos and live shows of interest. It helps us discover new artists we’re apt to enjoy. It points us in the right direction to connect with like-minded music lovers. It narrows things down in a world of seemingly endless choice.

The problem is that many great artists are great because they defy easy classification. They blur musical boundaries, blending melody, rhythms, instruments and lyrical themes from different genres. Often that’s what makes the music special. New yet familiar. Compelling yet accessible.

So, what kind of music is this? Americana? Acoustic Pop? Folk? Rock? Country? None of these quite captures the essence. We think of Another Good Mistake as New Americana Pop music. Familiar instruments assembled in unexpected ways. Perhaps you will come up with a better name. If you do, please send it our way.

Whatever the label, we hope you enjoy it. Learn more at camilaballario.com

Get a copy and get hooked!