Camila Ballario

Another Good Mistake

About the Album

Welcome to Camila Ballario’s Another Good Mistake

Songwriter and co-producer Mark Hauptschein hired Camila for background vocals and was immediately taken by her voice. This encounter led to the joyful production of this album.

Some artists are great because they defy easy classification. They blur musical boundaries, blending melody, rhythms, instruments and lyrical themes from different genres.  

Another Good Mistake as an amalgam of  Americana, Acoustic Pop, Folk, Rock and Country. Songwriter Mark Hauptschein earned a finalist spot in the 2016 John Lennon Songwriting Contest for the title track.


About the Artist

Talent comes from all corners of the earth and in this case it comes from North and South America. Camila Ballario was born in Argentina and later moved with her family to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Nurtured by the rich musical cultures of two Americas, Camila broadens the vitality of Americana music. She cooks up a delicious blend by combining pop, folk, rock, jazz and country flavors. We call it New Americana. Her debut album, Another Good Mistake, is a feast for the ears.

Co-Producer Rich Rankin

Rich Rankin’s skilled hands and creative spirit are woven throughout Another Good Mistake.

Rich is a Chicago-based writer, producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist. He’s produced, recorded and performed on three award winning albums for kindie artist Laura Doherty and for Charming Axe, Curious Grace, Linda Marie Smith, Linda Robertson, Gayle Bisesi, Crawford’s Daughter, Kym Franklin and for labels Old Town School Recordings and Rimjhim Records.

Rich has scored and produced ad music as well as indie film work, including The Legend of Bloody Mary (Lionsgate), Carpe Diem (indie), and If I Only Knew (indie).

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