Uber Musician Rich Rankin

A producer, musician, and engineer like no other. The pursuit of excellence personified. That’s Rich Rankin. His skilled hands, creative mind and big heart were deeply involved in crafting Another Good Mistake.

Rich is a Chicago-based writer, producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist with an affinity for diverse genres.

Rich Rankin on Fender Jazz Bass

Rich Rankin

With over 25 years of experience, he’s produced, recorded and performed on three award winning albums for kindie artist Laura Doherty and for Charming Axe, Curious Grace, Linda Marie Smith, Linda Robertson, Gayle Bisesi, Crawford’s Daughter, Kym Franklin and for labels Old Town School Recordings and Rimjhim Records.

Rich has scored and produced ad music and indie film work through his own Mosaic Music. He’s a songwriter as well in the genres of roots, rock, blues and soul, and has songs and scores placed in films The Legend of Bloody Mary (Lionsgate), Carpe Diem (indie), and If I Only Knew (indie).

Rich works mostly in his project studio but also performs live with other artists and bands.

Rich on Mandolin

Rich on Mandolin

His work on Camila Ballario’s album is exemplary and we’re grateful for his invaluable contribution as co-producer, instrumentalist, engineer, mixer and friend.

Find out more at richrankinmusic.com.